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Ozone Therapy and Healthy Diets

Ozone Therapy and Healthy Diets

In a world where a lot of stress and the constant rush affect our routines, it is undoubtedly hard to keep a healthy lifestyle. Our 24-hour day revolves around work, school, and other interests.

Even finding and preparing healthy food requires effort, which makes grabbing fast food convenient and time-saving.

However, the truth is that the things  we eat do affect our health. As such, it is also important to consider our health diet because having an unhealthy diet can lead to serious health problems in the long run.

It is important to consider our diet because having an unhealthy diet can lead to serious health problems in the long run.

The good thing is that  aside from its capability in treating chronic diseases, ozone therapy can also help us keep our body healthy. It can both detoxify and heal the body.

The treatment has been medically used for more than a hundred years, and various methods to administer ozone are now employed, depending on the patient’s condition.

The treatment4 basically infuses ozone into your cells and tissues to keep them oxygenated, thereby improving hormonal balance, healing ailments in the thyroid and adrenal functions, and improving your overall lifestyle.

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What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy treatment5 infuses ozone into the body through various methods such as insufflation, autohemotherapy, sauna, and others.

It helps treat many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, viral infections, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, among others. The increased application of ozone3 oxygenates the body’s cells and tissues, in turn improving blood circulation and the body’s overall function.

Ozone5 stimulates the cells and enhances their capability to perform biological functions. At the same time, medical ozone activates the immune system whose main function is to defend the body against harmful and disease-causing pathogens. In addition, ozone invigorates the natural detoxification process of the body while significantly increasing the cell’s antioxidant levels.

Ozone Therapy and Healthy Diets

For us to get the best use out of ozone therapy treatment, it is important to keep our diet in check. Ozone specifically works by reducing inflammation

In this regard, the benefit of ozone therapy relies on the period that one can keep the inflammation away. The longer the inflammation is out of the body, the better the effects of the treatment. 

This is especially important for patients undergoing treatment for conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and other inflammatory ailments.

The food you eat can directly affect the result of the ozone therapy. The more sugary the food you consume, the less and more short-lived impact the treatment will have.

The food you eat can directly affect the result of the ozone therapy. The more sugary the food1 you consume, the less and more short-lived impact the treatment will have. 

Some people manage to move away from sugar and high carb foods during the treatment, keeping their diet in check. However, as soon as they go back to an unhealthy diet, the effects of the treatment will also be affected.

  • Carnivore and Keto Diets

    Dietary experts1 suggest a carnivore diet for those undergoing ozone therapy. This means engaging fully in diets rich in meat and with absolutely no carbs.

    Some patients report that conditions like joint pain, bowel syndrome, colitis, and others were resolved when going on a keto diet while undergoing ozone therapy.  Those who can eat a small amount of carbs and veggies, together with meat and fats, can go on a ketogenic diet.

  • Paleo Diet

    The paleo diet is a kind of diet that resembles the food choices of Paleolithic hunter gatherers. Since this diet limits the food choices to mostly lean meats (grass-fed or wild game), fish, fruits, and vegetables, while actively avoiding sources of refined carbs, it can also be good for those undergoing an ozone treatment.

  • Low-oxalate Diet

    Paola Dziwetzki1 a licensed naturopathic practitioner with certificates in ozone therapy, the Andrew Cutler chelation, Oxyvenierung, and hyperbaric ozone applications, suggests that the best diet that can complement an ozone therapy treatment is a low- oxalate diet.

    Ozone has the capacity to remove oxalates from our body. The itch, and at times pain, that patients may experience during ozone insufflation or sauna are indicators of the oxalates being released from the body.

    A low-oxalate diet2 includes  foods  such as animal products and seafood. Oxalates are usually found in crystal form on all plant products and if ingested, they can get inside the skin, tissues, and even the brain, causing dangerous symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and irritation.

    Aside from enhancing the effects of ozone therapy, a low-oxalate diet also helps prevent kidney stones.

    Still, all these are really dependent on the patient’s medical background, health condition, and preference. You just need to find the right diet that works for you and your lifestyle so that you can receive the best benefits of ozone therapy.

Do’s and Don’ts of Food Choices

A healthy diet is the best determinant of ozone therapy’s efficacy. Choosing your dietary routine will not just help you improve your health and overall fitness, but it will also ensure the effectiveness of your ozone therapy treatment.

  • Aside from choosing your diet, identify the foods that you need to avoid to keep your body in good shape for the treatment. It is recommended that you refrain from eating processed red meat3, as it is difficult for our body to digest. It stays in our digestive tract for days, with all its toxins and chemicals. As much as possible, buy only fresh and unprocessed food.
  • Ozone therapy4 can eliminate toxins and help in weight loss. Damaging habits like drinking alcohol, eating fast food, and cigarette smoking must be totally avoided, as they may lead to decreased oxygen in the body and will further contribute to the accumulation of toxins.
  • It is also important to note that vitamins, nutrients, and mineral tablets are of no use if the body’s supply of oxygen is not sufficient. You must ensure that you are not oxygen starved, as the body will not absorb and use the vitamins you take without oxygen supply at the cellular level.
  • The lack of antioxidants in our system points to the root of why there are many diseases right now. As such, it is recommended to eat a lot of green or dark orange vegetables, primarily because these vegetables contain high doses of antioxidants3.
  • Juicing2 is another  great way to mix up the veggies and fruits in one drink and to consume a greater quantity of them at one time. However, you should first dip them in ozonated water to get rid of the chemicals like the pesticides that were used on them.
  • Water3 is probably the simplest, yet most important key to your overall being. The body needs to be hydrated, not just oxygenated, as hydration can also keep the cells and tissues intact and will help in the body’s overall function. It must be as pure as possible. Ozonated or mineral water is recommended.

These kinds of foods are necessary for ozone patients to increase their bodies’ resistance against cancer cells, degenerative diseases, and infections.

Effects of Ozone Therapy for Losing Weight

Ozone therapy  is an efficient and effective therapy for losing weight5, as it crushes the fats by oxidizing them. Our body’s fats are a mishmash of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules.

Ozone therapy5 fuses oxygen with these fats, resulting in the fats’ disintegration into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. These by-products are then washed out of our system through our kidneys or through our sweat, in the form of carbon and oxygen molecules.

Ozone therapy can more effectively aid in weight loss if it is supplemented with the proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. As a patient of ozone therapy, one must keep a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The process also oxygenates the body, which then improves our blood’s circulation and cleanses the tissues and cells of bacteria and other viruses.

Aside from these benefits, ozone therapy also enhances our body’s metabolism4. The faster the body’s metabolism, the faster the food is digested and the toxins eradicated from our system.

In addition, ozone therapy can more effectively aid in weight loss if it is supplemented with the proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Ozone therapy offers many benefits. It is an established and effective alternative therapy for various chronic diseases and is a chosen avenue for those who want to look young and enjoy its therapeutic benefits. 

However, as a patient of ozone therapy, one must keep a healthy diet and lifestyle. Undergoing the treatment while maintaining a gluten and oxalate-free diet will be more likely to yield a satisfactory outcome. 

It does not matter what kind of diet you prefer; what’s important is that  you take note of the foods you should avoid as opposed to those you should consume. It is indeed interesting how changing what we eat can be the single most powerful thing we can do to improve our health.


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