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Weight Loss


Weight Loss

By raising body temperature through Hyperthermia, each treatment in the sauna creates weight loss by expending between 400 to 600 calories. As the sauna temperature rises, the the body’s core temperature increases. While in the sauna, your body is in fact making all attempts to sustain a constant core temperature. The body achieves this by means of increased peripheral blood circulation and through sweating, resulting in weight loss.

Weight Loss from Sauna

As the body’s processes function to reduce temperatures, there’s a significant rise in metabolic rate, heart rate, and cardiac output. Increases in blood flow due to total body hyperthermia have be reported to rise from a standard average of 6 quarts/min to as great as 13 quarts/min.
Additionally, for healthy weight burning and weight loss, it is essential that toxins located in fatty tissues are eliminated. Health care practitioners globally understand that perspiration is possibly the most effective approach for removing heavy metal and chemical toxins from the body.
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