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Ozone Nasal Syringe and its Benefits

Ozone Nasal Syringe and its Benefits

The nasal cavity has been used to deliver drugs for a long time. Called “nasya” in the Indian Ayurvedic system, intranasal drug delivery5 is the process of administering medicine through the nasal area to treat topical nasal and systemic conditions.

This type of drug delivery is considered an effective and reliable substitute for oral and parenteral means. It is used mainly for the administration of medicines that are unstable in gastrointestinal fluids, result in extensive hepatic first-pass elimination, or are poorly absorbed by the intestines.

It bypasses the difficulties with the blood-brain barrier (BBB)5, allowing for the uninterrupted delivery of drugs to the central nervous system. This also makes intranasal drug delivery a possible option for the administration of vaccines.

It is anticipated that ozone nasal syringe insufflation will significantly become more widely used in the next couple of years, covering a broad range of therapeutic areas such as pain management and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Today, methods relating to intranasal drug delivery are geared towards the treatment of nasal infections. One method where it is used is in ozone nasal syringe insufflation. This process involves the introduction of ozone gas to the body through the nasal cavity. 

It is anticipated that ozone nasal syringe insufflation will significantly become more widely used in the next couple of years, covering a broad range of therapeutic areas such as pain management and the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Ozone therapy through nasal syringe insufflation may have emerged only recently, but it already shows a lot of benefits and potential.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone gas9 is made up of three oxygen atoms. While ozone is harmful to a person’s lungs when inhaled and if a person is exposed to it for a long period of time, medical ozone is widely used as an effective tool for fighting chronic diseases such as cancer, viral infections, herpes, and Lyme disease.

Ozone therapy has many proven applications in the field of medicine. It helps in the treatment of many health problems, either on its own or in combination with other established medicines or forms of treatment4.

Generally, ozone is introduced into the body in the form of gas or oil mixture. It can also be introduced directly into the blood. If done properly and with the right dose, Insufflation is one of the most effective means of supplying oxygen to the cells, and it can pass through the vaginal, rectal, or nasal route.

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

  • Improves the Immune System

    Ozone gas makes the immune system well-balanced and well-stimulated. With a strong immune system, the body has steady protection from viruses and bacteria7 even for those with a resistance to pharmaceutical medications.

  • Removes Toxins and Enhances Metabolism

    It removes toxins and boosts the body’s metabolism. Ozone also increases the body’s production of  antioxidants and improves its use of oxygen and generation of cellular energy.

  • Helps in the Treatment of Cancer

    Ozone therapy helps with various illnesses. It helps to offset cell mutation that inhibits the occurrence of some types of cancer. It can also be beneficial to cancer9 patients since it helps the body to stay well, especially during the process of chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Treats Infections

    Infections caused by any type of bacteria, fungi, and viruses; inflammations by allergies and poison ivy; autoimmune problems; arthritis; carpal tunnel syndrome, skin rashes; and non-healing wounds can also be addressed with  ozone.

  • Helps Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Ozone therapy plays a significant role in stimulating and repairing musculoskeletal structures6 like the joints, tendons, or ligaments and in reducing the pain caused by muscle spasms, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, post-herpetic neuralgia, and others.

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Ozone Nasal Syringe Insufflation

One of the ways ozone therapy can be administered is through ozone nasal syringe insufflation. It is a method of delivering a small amount of ozone (O3) at a safe concentration through the nasal passage. 

It is most commonly used in the treatment of patients with chronic sinus infections and sinus inflammation.

The Nasal Cavity

It is important to understand the physiology of our nasal cavity first to fully comprehend the significance of ozone therapy and nasal syringe insufflation as a form of treatment.

The nasal cavity is the inside of the nose. It is lined with the nasal mucosa and is divided into two by the nasal septum. The nasal cavity has three main regions2: the nasal vestibule (where particles are filtered), the respiratory region (used for drug absorption), and the olfactory region (responsible for the perception of smell).

The main nasal airway is around 1 to 3 mm wide. When air touches the nasal mucosa, particles like dust are trapped while air is warmed and delivered to the other areas of the nasal cavity.

How Is Nasal Ozone Administered?

Nasal ozone insufflation involves the use of a syringe that will be placed inside the nostrils to infuse the ozone gas in varying doses4, depending on the type of therapy being administered.

The method for nasal ozone insufflation8 is quite easy, and it can be done at home as long as you do your research and follow the procedure well.

You must first prepare all the necessary tools. You will need to have an oxygen source, an adjustable ozone generator, and a plastic or glass ozone syringe (30-millimeter or 33-millimeter). A syringe cover can also be added, as it provides comfort and protection from the hard edges.

Now that your materials and equipment are complete, connect your oxygen to your generator. Once setup is done, turn the oxygen flow to one-quarter liters per minute. From there, you must be able to set the dial of the generator.

Ozone nasal syringe insufflation is most commonly used in the treatment of patients with chronic sinus infections and sinus inflammation.

Generally, you can set the flow to around 10 to 20 gammas (ug/ ml), but it is best to use low amounts of ozone at first until you find out how it affects you.  If you can determine the proper   dosage for the treatment you need,  then you’ll have a more effective treatment.

With the proper flow set, you can attach the syringe directly to the ozone out port on the generator, and the syringe will be filled with ozone. Once you have the appropriate amount of ozone in the syringe, you may now unscrew it from the generator and hold it upside down.

Infuse the gas into your nostrils through the syringe with 15 millimeters each while holding your breath. Make sure to hold your breath while administering the ozone, to avoid coughing that may occur if ozone is breathed into the lungs. From there, wait for the ozone to permeate through your nasal cavity for at least ten seconds, and then exhale to push all the remaining ozone out of your nasal passage to avoid irritation. 

Expect to have a burning sensation in the nasal cavity as the ozone passes through the different regions of the nose. This may result in an excess of mucus buildup for a short period of time, but this is a normal reaction  and will subside  after a few hours.

Benefits of Nasal Syringe Insufflation

Nasal syringe insufflation is a quick and efficient way to administer medication to  various types of patients.

The drug can be absorbed more quickly with a nasal syringe, and larger  drug molecules can be more easily absorbed as well. Under this system, drugs are delivered through the systemic  circulation in the nasal cavity, making drug absorption work even faster via the highly vascularized mucosa.

Nasal syringes can also make long-term therapy extra convenient and can be used even on unconscious patients. Moreover, hepatic first-pass metabolism5, a biotransformation phenomenon affecting the effectiveness of oral medicines, can be evaded.

Finally, nasal syringe insufflation has minimal side effects on the body and leaves only a  slight aftertaste. It can also be self-administered, which shows how easy it can be used even by non-healthcare professionals, although it is advised to first consult with professionals to know the proper way of administering nasal syringe insufflation safely and effectively.


Ozone therapy is used in various parts of the body and can treat many conditions and promote health. 

One of the ways it is administered is through nasal ozone syringe insufflation where a small amount of ozone (O3) is delivered, at a safe concentration, to the nasal passage.  This type of ozone therapy is most commonly used in the treatment of patients with chronic sinus infections and sinus inflammation. 

With the many ways medical ozone can be administered, it is clear that ozone therapy has grown to become a trusted form of therapy. 


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