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Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease

Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease

Ozone (O3) is an inorganic molecule that, when consumed by the body, disrupts infections, harmful bacteria, and anything that may cause illness. This can be done through a medical treatment called Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy for Lyme disease has provided an alternative treatment.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapyhelps the body by regulating the oxidative reaction in the blood, thus pushing the immune system to release substances that have a positive impact on the body’s overall physiological state.

Ozone therapy uses an ozone generator machine. This machine’s task is to make accurate concentrations of ozone gas3(less than 5 percent) from pure medical grade oxygen.

This ozone gas concentration is beneficial to the body, particularly to the immune system. For over 50 years6, ozone therapy has been used in the medical field to combat various chronic diseases and health conditions such as bacterial/viral infections, cancer, autoimmune conditions, mold toxicity, neurological conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and others.

Ozone can be administered using different methods5 – insufflation or ten-pass ozone. These methods are beneficial for treating Lyme disease.

What Is Lyme Disease?

One of the diseases ozone therapy can address is Lyme disease. It is a widespread disease common in the United States, Australia, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Lyme disease is a vector-borne and multisystem disease triggered by infection from spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi)8. It may infect humans through infected tick bites.

Time is essential during Lyme disease care and ozone therapy. Symptoms related to the disease should not be neglected to avoid more serious complications4 like chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, and even death.

Patients prefer Ozone therapy for lyme disease because it is accessible, affordable, and does not have any aggressive effects on the patients’ health.

Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease

Ozone therapy for Lyme disease has been used since the First World War5. It became an important tool in fighting infectious diseases, with excellent and consistent results.

Ozone’s administration into the body to fight Lyme disease lies in its positive effect on the immune system, blood circulation, and more. It is also helpful in eradicating bacteria and other related symptoms2 of tick bites and Lyme disease.

Patients experience more symptoms in the late stage of Lyme disease due to the elevation of inflammatory cytokines. At this stage, the treatment of chronic Lyme disease can become much harder as it becomes more difficult to determine whether the infection is already inactive, as the antibodies can remain for months or years after the infection is resolved.

Ozone therapy’s role is to reduce the cytokines6 that are pro-inflammatory and increase those that help reduce the inflammation.

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Administration of Ten-Pass Ozone

In the administration of Ozone therapy, not everyone can simply begin the procedure without initial evaluation. . A specialist or a doctor must first determine what type of problem the patient has and where in the body it is located— external or internal— as it will define where ozone will be applied.

In the case of Lyme disease where the bacteria is in the blood, the doctor may choose intravenous methods such as ten-pass ozone. The doctor will also need to evaluate the patient for co-infections that may need to be treated at the same time as the Lyme disease. This will determine the number of treatments the patient may need.

A unique Ozone therapy technique called Ten-pass ozone helps the body by allowing the administration of high levels of ozone on patients who are hyperbaric.

A unique Ozone therapy technique called Ten-pass ozone helps the body by allowing the administration of high levels of ozone on patients who are hyperbaric.

This method6 can be performed by using an ozone apparatus that can perform multiple passes. The administration of the treatment will require a venous line that will be linked from the patient to a glass bottle and another that will be linked from the glass bottle to the ozone apparatus or machine.

The ozone machine will generate a negative pressure that will allow the blood to be extracted from the patient into the bottle. The procedure is simple — ozone is infused into the extracted blood, which is then injectected back into the patient’s body intravenously. The administered ozone will be responsible for creating oxidative reactions in the patient’s blood, prompting the immune system to release substances like nuclear factor activated T-cells (NFAT), which help fight bacterial infections and other diseases2.

The glass bottle must have 200 milliliters of blood for a 70-gamma concentrated ozone to be released to it from the ozone machine. After mixing the blood with the ozone, it can be injected back into the patient.

This is a way of modulating the immune system to prompt the body that something is wrong and to act on it.  The entire process counts as one cycle and is known as a single pass. Multiple passes6 can be given during a single treatment and can last for half an hour to two.

Other Ozone Treatments for Lyme Disease

Treatments that use ozone require the gas to enter the body and the bloodstream. From there, it will connect with the bacteria, viruses, or parasites inside, breaking their chemical structure and extinguishing them. 

Most therapies are intravenous, just like the Ten-pass therapy, but there are other ozone-centered alternatives.

  • Ozone Suit/Bagging Method

    With the Ozone Suit/Bagging method, the patient’s body is placed in a bag filled with Ozone for 10 minutes to two hours, depending on the specialist’s advice and on the seriousness of the disease.

  • Vaginal and Rectal Insufflation

    Vaginal and rectal insufflation are other methods of administering ozone inside the body with the use of catheters. These are used specifically for treating inflammation, bacteria, viruses, and yeast infections.

  • Additional Methods of Ozone Administration

    Another option is ear insufflation, which involves approximately five minutes of putting droplets of ozone into each ear. Alternatively, the doctor can administer ozone into the sinuses via the nasal passages. One can also receive ozone into  the body by drinking water that has been ozonated.

Benefits of Ozone in Lyme Disease Management

Using prescription antibiotics to treat Lyme disease can have negative effects4 on the immune system. However, these complications can be remedied by Ozone therapy, as it can make the immune system work faster in relieving the symptoms and improving circulation4, as well as in protecting the liver.

This positive effect on the immune system is caused by the reinfusion of ozone, which creates a mild biochemical stress that stimulates the liver into producing more glutathione, the main antioxidant that the body uses for detoxification.

Studies have shown that administering Ozone therapy in the treatment of Lyme disease and neurological symptoms caused by Lyme neuro-borreliosis has led to positive outcomes.

Studies4 have shown that administering Ozone therapy in the treatment of Lyme disease and neurological symptoms caused by Lyme neuro-borreliosis has led to positive outcomes. It has also been effective in protecting and repairing the heart by reducing the symptoms caused by Lyme Carditis.

In a study  by Robert Jay Rowen8 where he studied the efficacy of ozone therapy as the sole treatment method for bacterial infection, he  suggested that Lyme disease patients experienced better and improved symptoms after only four to six sessions in two weeks of Ozone therapy.


There is no question on the effectiveness of Ozone (O3) in disrupting the spread of infections and harmful bacteria in the body.  

Through innovations in the medical field, it is now proven that ozone plays a central role in fighting bacterial/viral infections such as Lyme disease, as it enhances the flow of blood in the body, giving the cells the essential supply of oxygen they need to function properly. 

It also regulates the cellular antioxidants to protect the cells. Lastly, it strengthens the immune system and shows immunomodulating effects by releasing different cytokines that are helpful in cleaning arteries and veins and in reducing pain and inflammation. 

Lyme disease can inflict serious damage on the body, as it attacks different body organs and systems.

Ozone therapy has been successfully used in treating Lyme disease. It is implemented in combination with other naturopathic therapies and provides a holistic approach to healing the body from Lyme disease. 


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