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Ozone Therapy for Herpes Simplex 1 (HSV1)


Ozone (O3) has been used in the medical field for the past several decades. Ozone therapy provides additional supply of oxygen to the body, positively affecting the functions of the tissues, cells, and the immune system. It can be a valuable tool in the treatment of  chronic diseases such as cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and Lyme disease.

Ozone therapy is increasingly becoming popular in the medical field because of its atraumatic, painless, and non-invasive nature8, providing an overall treatment that is comfortable and effective.

One of the chronic diseases that ozone is used for is herpes, specifically simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Herpes is deeply stigmatized in our society and often brings emotional and psychological trauma to the patients, primarily because of the people’s reaction to it.

At the same time, there is still no cure for it. Almost 50 million3 people in the United States alone are infected by the virus. It is quite serious, but before you give up, it is important to consider other viable options such as ozone therapy.

What Is Herpes?

Herpes is a group of DNA-viruses that intracellularly multiply inside the body. It is a lifelong highly contagious infection. There are two types of herpes infections9: simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2).

Simplex 1 — also called the oral herpes — specifically infects the area in or around the mouth. It is mainly transmitted through oral contact, either oral-to-oral or oral-to-genital.

On the other hand, Simplex 2, which can only be transmitted through genital-to-genital contact during sexual intercourse, causes infection in or around the genital or anal area.

One of the most effective treatments for herpes virus 1 and all viruses is ozone therapy

The problem with these types of herpes infections is that they are sometimes asymptomatic, so those who are infected may be unaware that they have it.

There are, however, several symptoms that patients must be aware of to be able to diagnose the disease immediately. Oral herpes causes painful blisters or open sores around the mouth, and the patient will experience an itching or burning sensation in the mouth area.

WHO9 recommends antiviral medications such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir as initial medications for herpes. However, it should be noted that these medications do not cure the infection. They simply reduce the frequency of the symptoms.

Beneficial Effects of Ozone

Oxygen helps the body disrupt the replication of the virus, and it conditions the immune system to shield the body from possible inflammation, infection, or even allergies.

Triatomic oxygen, simply known as medical ozone, is safe for administration in humans as long as the proper technology and tools are used. Ozone should be administered only with the use of the proper ozone generator, and it must be ensured that it is clean and free from any chemicals and contaminants.

Ozone, in general, effectively works in addressing  chronic disorders and in reducing the viral load in a patient’s body. Even though it is toxic when inhaled, it is safe8 when taken in small amounts via other means and when administered with proper handling and the right technology.

Ozone therapy helps by infusing the body with enough oxygen to make the body feel better and stronger. It fuels the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the body’s cells, to increase energy production, which helps prevent degenerative diseases like cancer.

In a study conducted by Mattasi and colleagues5 on the effects of ozone therapy in the treatment of herpes simplex and herpes zoster, they found that herpes zoster patients were healed of their cutaneous lesions after 5 to 12 injections of ozone-oxygen mixture, administered daily, while herpes simplex patients healed completely after one to five injections.

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Ozone Therapy for Herpes Simplex 1

Ozone has a high antibacterial and antiviral effect. It is categorized as a bio-oxidative therapy in which oxygen is supplied to the body through gas or dissolved in water to achieve its benefits. It mainly deactivates bacteria, fungi, yeast, and protozoa, and further accelerates the healing rate of oral mucosal lesions.


One of the main ozone therapy methods that can be used for herpes patients is autohemotherapy. It requires the removal of 6 to 12 ounces of blood through a sterilized system.

The collected blood will be placed in a container, and ozone will be injected into the same container, mixing it with the blood. This will allow the red and white blood cells to fuse with the ozone. After a few minutes, the ozonated blood will be delivered back into the patient’s body.

Autohemotherapy delivers the ozone immediately along with the blood’s circulation. In this process, healthy cells that contain enzymes turn the ozone into oxygen, while unhealthy cells are destroyed, as the ozone releases strong oxidizing effects on the cell membranes.

Ozone Injection

Another form of ozone administration that can also be used for herpes and other diseases like herniated discs, arthritis, and cancer is ozone injection2. In this process, ozone is medically injected close to the affected nerve root for herpes.

For herpes simplex 1, the ozone will be injected on the nerve around the mouth and from there, ozone’s powerful oxidant processes will start to work.

The administration of ozone stimulates the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG), which increases the application of oxygen and allows the tissues and cells to function properly. This process helps terminate anaerobic infections, such as herpes, and provides cells the additional oxygen needed for healing.

In their study on the effects of ozone on female fertility treatment, Jose Luis Calunga and colleagues1 suggest that Ozone therapy has curative effects on herpes. They add that it can also reduce inflammation on the affected area; one example is the mouth.

In the case of genital herpes, ozone facilitates the opening of the fallopian tube, which has a positive effect on female infertility of an inflammatory origin. Oxygenation of the body decreases the viruses that cause herpes and other diseases such as HPV and Hepatitis C.

Other Methods That Complement Ozone Therapy

There are other treatments6 that can be used with ozone therapy to help treat HSV1. Two therapies that can improve one’s body and cells are bioresonance therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF).

Traditional Chinese medicine and a healthy lifestyle also help.

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy can help ozone fight herpes infection, as bioresonance specifically balances the internal organs that ozone is targeting.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF charges the patient’s cells and organs to energize the body, preparing the system to fight viruses and keep the immune system intact.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine can also help. Acupuncture is an effective option since it provides relief from physical and psychological stress and upholds comfort and mental capacity. 

Chinese herbs can also reduce the viral load in the patient. They can help fight the infection both in its acute and chronic forms.

Healthy Lifestyle

Ozone therapy for Herpes Simplex 1 treatment can become more effective with a healthy lifestyle4. The patient may get baseline blood work where they undergo tests to ensure the overall functionality of their body.

These simple tests may include an inflammatory marker to monitor autoimmune conditions, inflammation, and infection; a metabolic panel to test the body’s sugar level; a blood count test to detect any disorder; and a number of nutritional tests to ensure the body has adequate zinc, iron, vitamin D, and other vitamins in the body.

Most importantly, the patient should be mindful of getting enough rest and avoiding stress. Moreover, natural remedies and supplements like L-Lysine and bioflavanoids have been helpful in fighting herpes and preventing outbreaks from reoccurring.

Lastly, the patient may undergo ozone therapy as soon as an outbreak occurs. The therapy — through the help of the supercharged oxygen that is supplied to the body — helps the body by pushing the immune system to work harder in fighting the virus.

Combining these methods with ozone therapy makes treating herpes more possible


Herpes Simplex 1 is one of the most dreadful chronic diseases. It lasts a lifetime, and it does not seem to have a cure. Fortunately, ozone therapy can help manage the condition and reduce outbreaks. With the proper technology, ozone therapy can supply oxygen to the patient’s tissues and organs, and in the process, deactivate bacteria or viruses , such as the herpes virus, which lives and propagates in poorly oxygenated environments.


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