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Frequency Generator Benefits

Frequency Generator

Advancements in technology are often extended to the medical field. One of the most intriguing innovations is the use of sound waves or bio-frequencies in treating and removing parasites and other pathogens from the body.

While the idea is not new, researchers are trying to resurrect this theory in the hope that it will be effective in treating pathogenic diseases and infections.

For this reason, clinical researchers in different medical fields use a device utilizing the concept of a frequency generator to aid them in their studies of devitalizing microorganisms from a living cell.

What Is a Frequency Generator?

A frequency generator is an electronic device that uses sympathetic resonance or vibration to make changes in the human body. This harmonic resonance9 often occurs in a system where the natural frequency corresponds to the frequency of the source of the harmonic current.

Thus, the main function of a frequency generator is to find the specific frequency of an organism through electrocution.

A frequency generator mainly produces any of the following: a pulse wave, triangular wave, sine wave, sawtooth wave, or square wave, depending on the programming of the necessary inputs to the device (i.e. flow of current).

Types of Frequency Generators

There are different types of frequency generators, depending on the intended application. Although the mechanism and circuitry are complex, these devices are used in a wide variety of applications – from medicine to artistic fields. They can be classified into two major categories.

  • Audio Frequency Generator

    This is a signal-activated generator that produces a modulated audio frequency when a positive pulse is inputted. The voltage required for this generator is between 9 and 20 volts whereas the required current is not more than 2 milliamperes (mA). The signal emitted by this device is often characterized as a “chirping” sound.

  • Digital Frequency Generator

    As the name implies, this device has a digital part that removes the necessity to use port pins at the microcontroller unit. Because of its nature, every waveform generated by the inputs can be effectively stored and produced. Both the amplitude and frequency modulation can be set using a special software.

Photodynamic Therapy and The Use of Frequency Generators

Since the 1930s3, the use of frequency generators to remove microorganisms through vibration has been extensively studied. Old studies claim that pulsed electromagnetic waves can ‘devitalize’ disease-causing microorganisms and destroy these pathogens. It Is said that various pathogens can be disrupted with a specific type of vibration at a given rate.

Another type of novel antimicrobial treatment, photodynamic therapy (PDT)8, is the use of a non-toxic, photosensitizing solution and resonant light source. This combination produces a highly reactive species that is lethal to microorganisms. Although still at its infancy, PDT shows very promising results in eliminating microorganisms that often cause endodontic infections.

Today, researchers are trying to combine these two technologies — the resonant light and radio wave frequency — to target the undesirable pathogens that live in a cell.

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What Is a Photon Emission Resonant Light Machine (PERL-M)?

PERL-M is a special kind of frequency generator11 that blends sound, light, and radio frequency to produce a pulsed electromagnetic energy that emits the frequencies needed to remove pathogens at a cellular level.

The technology somewhat resurrects the early Rife machine5 that was introduced in the 1930s. Like its predecessor, the resonant light machine is an experimental device that produces light from the electrical excitation of gas. This, in turn, generates frequencies that have a resonant effect, which enables it to penetrate deep within the cell tissue.

The device works by sending signals that match the microorganism’s frequency at a cellular level. These signals are carried out by waves of radio frequency, which are said to be accurate at a 6- to 12-feet radius from the machine.

PERL-M is a special kind of frequency generator that blends sound, light, and radio frequency to produce a pulsed electromagnetic energy that emits the frequencies needed to remove pathogens at a cellular level.

A simple way to visualize this is when an opera singer shatters a crystal glass with their voice. Some studies claim that this method targets, weakens, and effectively devitalizes pathogenic microorganisms.

Aside from selecting the light source, tuning is also an important component of this device, since it needs the lowest possible standing wave frequency ratio to improve its effect. Still, modern technology successfully introduces piezoelectric starters that can stimulate the light source without the need for regularly tuning the device.

Why Use PERL-M?

PERL-M can be considered a possible alternative for getting rid of the pathogens inhabiting your body. Due to its non-invasive nature, the produced electromagnetic field can provide benefits to your body and to the surrounding environment. This results in an entire system being brought to a homeostasis level — strengthening your immune system and creating the ideal environment for your cells.

The produced wave can be effective up to 30 feet. The waves may get dissipated if left longer. For the best results, the device must be set up at least 6 feet away from the body.

Is PERL-M effective?

There are many people who use PERL-M to improve their general health. Although further clinical studies are needed, anecdotal stories claim that using PERL-M can noticeably increase the stamina of athletes, thereby improving their performance in the field. 

Some people also reported having better memory and enhanced cognition levels when they underwent this treatment.

PERL-M Is also used for severe infections. Some try to use it to remove deadly viruses like the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the human papilloma virus (HPV) from the body. 

PERL-M device Is used for severe infections. Some try to use it to remove deadly viruses like the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the human papilloma virus (HPV) from the body.

Others are testing its efficacy in removing yeast infection, chlamydia, E. coli, the herpes simplex virus, and hepatitis from the body. However, it should be noted that PERL-M is purely an experimental device and not yet medically proven.

As of today, manufacturers of the device are not yet permitted to make any therapeutic claims, but there are more than 20 years’ worth of anecdotal stories from people who have experienced this therapy and have reported improvements in their health.

Is PERL-M Safe?

PERL-M is still at its experimental stage, so guarantees of safety and effectiveness may not yet be given by manufacturers. It is also important to note that not everyone can try this novel device. 

Since PERL-M uses electromagnetic field as its foundation, those who are implanted with devices like pacemakers are advised to find another alternative.

In addition, those who have organ transplants, defibrillators, insulin pumps, and oxygen pumps are advised to stay away since these can all be affected by electromagnetic fields. Pregnant women are also not advised to get this procedure.

Since the procedure is still in its experimental stage, the device can be used by relatively healthy people to avoid potential diseases. It removes bacteria and viruses early on, but it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects in Using PERL-M?

Some people experience nausea, headache, tiredness, muscle aches, diarrhea, and rashes after using the machine. The manufacturers often claim that people experience them because PERL-M helps the body detoxify and get rid of disease-causing pathogens.

The symptoms range from mild to severe10, depending on the levels of microorganisms in your body. If you are one of those who experience severe symptoms, it would be best to stop using PERL-M and consult your doctor right away for a proper diagnosis and medical treatment.


The use of a frequency generator with the resonant light machine to kill pathogens is a slightly controversial and novel technology. However, even though it still needs further research, positive feedback from people who have used it and the early promising results from experimental data make it an attractive alternative option to traditional medical procedures.

Old studies have claimed that microorganisms respond to specific frequencies, with its biology effectively disrupted and disintegrated from the human body. As such, recent scientific studies are now trying to experiment and collate data to prove the accuracy of this hypothesis, which was first formulated in the 1930s. 

However, it should be noted that claims on the benefits of PERL-M have yet to be proven. If you are feeling sick, it is still best to consult your doctor and get a proper diagnosis before turning to alternative medicine for help. You also need to realize that PERL-M does not claim to treat or cure any type of disease and must not be used as a substitute for medical advice and treatment.


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