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How To Use an Ozone Generator

How to use Ozone Generator

How To Use an Ozone Generator in Your Home, Rental Real Estate, and Workplace?

Here Are Answers to Ozone Use Questions:

Q. What regular maintenance do they require? How long does it take? How often? And who is able to perform it? Do your machines use mica plates? Does the ozone blasting affect plastic boxes used for storage in the home, or electrical equipment? What preparation needs to be done before running the ozone generator inside the house or inside the car? How often would you suggest running the ozone generator to control dust mites? I have heard that ozone can damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments. Is this a problem when you are doing ozone shock and if so are their measures you can take to prevent it?

A. Longevity ozone machines use only the highest quality ceramic generator paddles, and not fragile mica or cheap ceramic with a tiny piece of stainless steel mesh glued on them. The ozone producing paddles have nickel-titanium printed on them, electrified to produce the highest volume of ozone possible. Long life ceramic coating: the paddle surfaces are coated with a life extending porous ceramic glaze over the electrified nitinol which reduces the need for frequent cleaning and extend the cell life to nearly 5000 hours!  Nitinol is nickel + titanium + -nol (from Naval Ordnance Laboratory, where it was created and first used in 1968). The ozone-producing parts of the Bio3Blaster are the highest quality available on the market. If you use the generator heavily, every one to two years, you might need to replace the ozone generator paddles that generate the ozone. Takes a screwdriver to replace the paddles. Ozone generators will not usually harm anything else your home, but as a wise precaution, when we do ozone mold treatment (many times per week for clients across USA), we plastic wrap or cling wrap any electronic items such as computers, laptops, TV equipment, or remove such items from the area(s) being ozonated. As to rubber items such as the sealing gasket on refrigerators and freezers, we tape over the rubber with wide masking tape. There won’t be any damage to plastic boxes. Valuable paintings can be removed from the ozoned area, or plastic or cling wrapped to protect them. When in doubt on an item, remove the item from the area to be ozoned. During the ozone treatment time (usually 8 hours in an area), there can be no people, pets, or live plants in the contained area during the treatment time and for 2 hours afterwards. To control insects, do ozone treatment as often as is necessary to get rid of the pests.  Once a week for 8 hours at a time in each area of your home for a few weeks works wonders in killing insects.

Q. Can you use the ozone generator in a room where a gas hot water heater is running?

A. Although it still safe to blast high output ozone gas into an area in which a gas furnace or gas hot water heater is operating with a burning gas flame, a lit furnace or hot water heater reduces some ozone and increases flame temp 15%. As a precaution, during all ozone treatments, please turn off gas flame appliances such as a furnace, hot water heater, or gas cooking range.

Q. I was exposed to indoor molds and their mycotoxins back in 2008 and became very ill.  Since then I have been trying to avoid additional exposures and to help some of my legal clients who have also been exposed. When I read your description of the Bio3-Blaster it states the ozone levels will destroy even mycotoxins.  How does it actually accomplish this, and do you still need to physically remove the destroyed mycotoxins after the ozone treatment?  Unlike mold spores, it is my understanding that mycotoxins are not living organisms so they cannot be killed, since they were never alive in the first instance. I would be very interested in purchasing a machine prior to recommending one to my mold clients.  Do they come with any kind of a 30-day money back guaranty or the like? Thank you for your time and consideration!—Maryland attorney.

A. Dear Maryland Attorney, thank you for your excellent ozone generator questions. The ozone blasters have a very strong one year warranty (which can be renewed after the first year for only $100 annually), but NO money back offer. Mycotoxins are organic material created by living organisms (growing mold colonies) that high output ozone gas kills very effectively. Another, supplemental or alternative mycotoxin stratgegy is to use a professional industrial HEPA air purifier (“air scrubber”) for about $1,000 that contains both a large HEPA air filter to remove airborne mold spores and a one inch thick, large activated carbon filter that removes volatile organic compounds such as mycotoxins.  A carbon filter is about $145.  We prefer the Drieaz HEPA 500 model that you can purchase in stock from several Maryland, DC, and Virginia mold remediation equipment and supply dealers.

Q. Should I use my ozone generator machine on the 2nd floor of the barn with or without the AC on?
A. Please repeat the ozone treatment EVERYWHERE in your building, for at least 8 hours in each area. Don’t run air con during the ozone treatment, but please do use several box fans to move the ozone air both vertically and horizontally because ozone air is heavier than regular air and it will fall to the floor unless you keep the air stirred up. You also should scrub all possessions, walls, and floors with the effective mold remover boric acid powder. You should also use the hose attachment of the ozone generator to inject ozone into each window air conditioner air supply duct for at least 2 hours and for eight hours into the return air duct of a centralized air con system.  
Q. Should fans be turned on when running the ozone generator (steps 4 and 10 of your suggested mold remediation protocol and the fogger (step 10)?
A. Yes. You need to use multiple box fans to move room air both horizontally and vertically in the room or area being ozone treated. In addition, be sure to leave a window open close to the ozone generator so that adequate fresh air can reach the ozone machine to convert to ozone gas.  
Q. All rooms in my house (a ranch on a slab) are contaminated with mold.  The bedrooms and kitchen are accessed off a great room. Therefore, to retrieve the ozone generator after it has been operated in these rooms will require moving aside the 6 mil plastic for a brief period.  Will this cause recontamination in those rooms?
A. No.  Be sure the wear your 3M breathing respirator (P100 rated) when entering the ozone treatment area to move the generator’s location or turn it off.  
Q. Should/can a dehumidifier and the ozone generator be operated at the same time?
A. No. Having some humidity in the air can actually help the effectiveness of the ozone generator.
Q. Should the air scrubbing/vacuum operation be performed immediately after the ozone generator operation has been performed in each room, or after the ozone generator operation has been performed throughout the entire house?
A. Just wait until after all areas have been initially treated with ozone as the first mold remediation step.  
Q. I have mold & dry rot in my crawl space of approximately 1950 square feet under my Texas house.  I did not put vent holes in the area and now I have a major problem with dry rot. I am looking at purchasing a BiO3Blaster to try to kill the mold and put new floor joists under the floor.  Can I use regular yellow pine lumber next to the old joists and cut the damaged portion off the old joists & nail the top portion to the new. How long should I run the blaster & should I do it prior to cutting the vent holes?
A. Your overall crawl space remediation strategy is good.  Run ozone generator for eight hours in two different crawl space areas in the middle of the crawl space. For example, put the ozone generator one-third of the way across the crawl space and two-thirds of the way across. You also need to run simultaneously several large box fans to carry the ozone gas to all areas of the crawl space. Improved ventilation of the crawl space is very wise to help prevent future mold and dry rot problems. It is ok to install the ventilation holes now while you are waiting for the delivery of your ordered ozone blaster. The improved ventilation will assure an adequate supply of oxygen to the intake of the ozone generator for it to make lots of ozone gas (14,000 units of ozone production per hour). You can buy the ozone generator at our website where you can read the in depth user manual with safety precautions. Your second step should be to use a small electric sprayer or hand-pumped garden sprayer to spray a wet-coating of the EPA-registered fungicide Tim-Bor on all wood surfaces in the crawl space. Then, and only then, cut out the bad dry rot and mold-infested timbers and install the adjacent new timbers. Then, do another 8 hours of ozone treatment in two different crawl space areas.  
Q. Here’s my problem:  I had an A/C leak in my car, the carpet on the passenger side got quite wet before I discovered it; leak was fixed and I assumed the carpet had dried out so replaced the removable mat on top of it.  Apparently, it needed more drying.  Well, the A/C issue returned to be fixed once again and now I see that there is hard, dried, white mold on this section of carpet.  Will this boric acid formula be effective in removing this dried mold?  I looked into replacing the carpet but as you can imagine, totally cost prohibitive.  Thanks for your input.
A. Boric acid powder would be very effective to remove the mold in the car’s carpeting.  Mix one pound of boric acid powder into one gallon of hot water to dissolve the boric fully. Use a hand-held scrub brush to scrub the carpeting very thoroughly and at least several times. You should also scrub the car seats upholstery and the entire vehicle’s interior (walls, ceiling, etc.) You can buy boric acid powder for delivery to you. After the boric acid treatment, do ozone blasting with a high output ozone generator for at least one hour. You can buy the high ozone output home model or contractor model ozone generator. Once you own your own ozone generator, you can make big money renting it out to others, or providing the ozone blasting yourself, in your area to kill mold, mold odors, and pet odors.
Q. Thank you so much for the recommended steps to follow.  I had planned on purchasing your ozone generator after reading all of the great testimonies.  After running it as you describe below, do I have to air out the house or stay out for a recommended amount of time?  Also, what about the mold that is probably in my attic?  Does the generator kill mold if it is inside the walls?  I’m just curious.  My mom already has first dibs on using this at their house once I order it and receive it.  One question that I’m curious about…why do I have problems with water coming up through my cement versus other people around our area that have a basement home?  Is it because they pour the slabs differently now than they did back when our house was built?  Am I keeping my moisture level at a good percentage (40%)?
A. Doing ozone treatment (for at least 4 hours) in the attic would kill attic mold. After ozone treatment, you need to air out the treated air for at least two hours by running one or more fans to exhaust treatment room air to the outdoors through open windows. You can follow up the ozone blasting of the attic with spraying ($40 hand pumped garden sprayer) EPA-registered fungicide Tim-Bor on all attic surfaces including the insulation. You can read about Tim-Bor and buy it at. Ozone gas cannot get into the insides of walls, ceilings, and floors so it cannot kill mold hiding in those areas unless you cut 2 inch holes into each wall and ceiling section to insert the hose attachment from our ozone generator so that gas can get to each separate wall and ceiling cavity.  You can use a moisture meter to determine the wetness of the concrete floor. Each house can vary in its concrete floor’s resistance to upward water wicking from the ground below depending on the type of moisture barrier installed beneath the floor, whether it was damaged during installation, and whether the barrier has degraded (typical) over time. Keeping your indoor humidity at 40% is great to help prevent indoor mold growth because the humidity must be 70% or higher to drive mold growth. You can buy your home model ozone generator.
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