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Biohacking for Performance

Biohacking for Performance

Biohacking is a relatively new term that describes an individual promoting do-it-yourself (DIY) biology. It is an umbrella term that covers a broad range of activities – from making small, incremental changes in diet to enhancing brain functions. 

There are different types of biohackers, although the most popular ones are those that conduct experiments on their own bodies in the hopes of boosting their cognitive and physical performance.

What Is Biohacking?

The exact definition of biohacking is difficult to pinpoint. However, some people refer to it as the science of merging body modification with technology13. In short, it is an attempt to manipulate the brain and body to optimize performance without using traditional or orthodox medicine.

Biohacking comes in all shapes and forms. The most popular ones are DIY biology, nutrigenomics, and grinders (people who hack their bodies with electronic hardware to increase human capacities), with DIY biology being the safest and most realistic since it is spearheaded by people who are educated and experienced in science.

The Emergence of Biohacking: Why People Do It?

It all boils down to a person’s desire to be better and optimize their own body. Most biohackers want to free themselves from the limitations set by nature. To do this, they resort to manipulating their physiology to improve their overall wellness and increase their happiness.

Another factor that drives biohacking is the fact that most experts in the medical field are too focused on reserving their resources for fighting sickness, but only a few are willing to research ways to  enhance the performance of healthy people. As such, various biohacking communities were formed to address this apparent shortage.

Biohacking must not be confused with biotechnology. Biotechnology is a technology that draws inspiration from cellular and biomolecular processes to develop products that will improve lives. In contrast, biohackers can range from amateurs with no scientific training to PhD degree holders.

Biohacking at a Cellular Level

There is no denying that the human body is a science wonder. It is composed of trillions of cells, performing specific biological functions in constant cooperation. It can create its own energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to fuel its entire operation.

Unfortunately, like in any system, this comes at a cost. The production of ATP also generates free radicals12 that cause significant oxidative stress on your body. This causes cells to become damaged, and worse, suffer inevitable death. It does not get better with age, as cells become less efficient as you get older.

Three Major Systems of Cellular Repair

The body has a natural way of dealing with cellular clean-up and repair. Whenever the cell gets damaged or infected, the body responds by making that part inflamed — it draws out white blood cells and triggers immune and growth factors that are essential for healing. 

Unfortunately, inflammation also generates more free radicals, which are the main cause of oxidative stress in the cell. To combat this, your body needs to generate cytokines.

Cytokine is a general term for a large group of proteins secreted by specific cells of the body’s immune system. They are used as signaling molecules that mediate and help regulate inflammation. For this reason, your body needs healthy cytokines.

Cytokine is a general term for a large group of proteins secreted by specific cells of the body’s immune system. They are used as signaling molecules that mediate and help regulate inflammation. For this reason, your body needs healthy cytokines.

The next step in cellular repair and clean-up is autophagy. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning and removing damaged cells to make way to newer and healthier cells. Just like inflammation, autophagy is triggered by a protein, p62. This protein is activated by stress (i.e. fasting, physical exercise) and responds by removing free radicals that cause damage to the cell.

Finally, the cellular wastes or toxins brought out by the repair and clean-up are delivered to your detox organs for excretion. The liver uses CYP450 enzymes to break down fat-soluble toxins. Next, the kidneys filter and deal with the water-soluble toxins and send them to your bladder for excretion.

Nanovi: An Effective and Novel Way to Boost Cellular Repair

NanoVi is a patented device developed for creating the same biological signal that stimulates cellular repair and reduces the damage brought about by oxidative stress1. Oxidative stress causes the proteins like cytokine and p62 to lose their proper function — the underlying cause of most chronic diseases and cell aging.

NanoVi helps in the cell signaling of enzymes and protein production necessary for fighting oxidative stress. This is important, especially if you are at an age where your body does not synthesize enough proteins to signal the important pathways of cellular repair.

Especially engineered for people suffering from chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and inflammatory conditions2, NanoVi helps delay  aging. Even healthy people can use it to reduce oxidative stress.

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How NanoVi Works?

Water plays a key role in protein folding, an important step in keeping those proteins properly functioning. NanoVi transforms water into a fine mist in a humidified airstream and exposes it to specific bioidentical signals through its excitation units. This enhanced water is then inhaled through the nose’s mucus membrane, which in turn triggers the proteins in your cells.

Research and testing11 show that using NanoVi leads to faster cellular repair and stronger immunity. The device mimics the body’s biological response to oxidative stress, which initiates the cellular repair and clean-up.

The whole procedure is fast, painless, and comfortable. Each session lasts 15 to 40 minutes. The person only needs to inhale the moist air from the NanoVi device. Since it is supplementary in nature and does not rely on any drugs, there is no danger of ‘overdoing’ or overdosing.

Who Can Use NanoVi?

Anybody who wants to regain their vitality or improve their performance can use NanoVi. For example, athletes can use the NanoVi device to improve their energy levels and boost their immunity. Since it requires no drugs, it strongly complies with the World Anti-doping Code2 and is thus an ideal biohacking tool for competitive athletes.

Using NanoVi can also help optimize cell energy production and improve cell metabolism by increasing oxygen utilization. These counterbalances the lactic acid production of your fatigued muscles, which in turn leads to faster recovery time.

The device is also effective in improving cellular activity and boosting your body’s immunity to various illnesses. A study5 conducted in Vienna demonstrated that using NanoVi helped increase the white blood cell count by over 10 percent. The white blood cells are essential in fighting off infection and diseases.

The Benefits of Using NanoVi

While NanoVi cannot prevent cells from being damaged, it can reduce the time it takes for cellular repair to occur. The device creates a specific electromagnetic wave that carries the same wavelength as your cell’s reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is safe and proven effective as it is designed by cell biologists specializing in REDOX signaling.

People who are wanting to improve their mental performance can benefit from using NanoVi. Different studies showed that oxidative stress can significantly decrease6 the cognitive function of the brain and diminishes its ability to learn. Since NanoVi is developed to heighten the body’s response to oxidative stress, it can help boost your mental performance.

People who are wanting to improve their mental performance can benefit from using NanoVi. Those who used NanoVi noticed a significant improvement in their physical appearance, as using the device helped reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improved hair growth.

Another benefit of using NanoVi is that it can augment the detoxification process needed to complete cellular repair8. As previously mentioned, the detoxification process is essential to rid your cells of the toxic substances that can cause harm to your body and hinder cellular regeneration.

Lastly, those who used NanoVi noticed a significant improvement in their physical appearance, as using the device helped reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improved hair growth. In addition, people who have been using the NanoVi device reported a vast improvement in the quality of their sleep, thereby improving their general mood.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better version of yourself. Biohacking paves the way for innovative spirits to freely choose the path they think would be the best for them to achieve this goal. However, not all biohacking activities are considered safe nor effective.

If you want to try biohacking, you need to put your faith in products and devices that have clinical evidence of safety and effectiveness. NanoVi passes this requirement with flying colors. It has been created and carefully developed by scientists and experts in the field to stimulate and optimize cellular repair. Try it now and see the wonderful results for yourself.


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